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Lower Green: Fishtop Access to Big Rock Access

Difficulty: Class II

​Length: 6 Miles

The Green River is a classic southeastern river. The Green releases from the Tuxedo Hydro Station and flows down though the Upper Green, a Class III run (see below), and into the Green River Narrows, a classic Class V run and home of the annual Green Race. Below the Narrows is a class II section referred to as the Lower Green. The Lower Green is well suited for beginners. There are a few great play waves for new boaters to get comfortable with surfing and wave play.

The Lower Green is also a popular spot for tubing. Expect to see lots of tubers if you go in the summer. Be courteous and try to avoid them, remember that have very little control. If you do have a collision the tubes will bounce off your kayak, so they present more a nuisance than a true safety hazard.

Fish Top is the primary put-in for the Lower Green. The standard take out is 6 miles down stream at Big Rock. You can do a shorter run and take out after the second bridge, just below Little Corky's.

American Whitewater is one of the best sources for information about a new river and current river conditions. Here is the AW page for the Lower Green.

Flow Information

For current flow information go to the BoatingBeta web site. Check the page before you go!  The schedule changes frequently. Water for the Green is released from the Tuxedo Hydro Station. Releases range from 60%-200% depending on the level of Lake Summit, and weather.  The water takes about 4 hours to travel from the powerhouse to the put in, so remember to factor that into your launch time.


There are very few named rapids on the Lower Green. It is primarily a read and run river.  According to AW, there are four named features:

  • Jacob's Ladder: An easy long S turn style rapid.

  • Big Corky: A straight forward Class II.  Approach and run it from the right side all the way through. At the bottom there is a big rock in the middle of the rapid. If you run the right side it's easy to avoid. You can eddy out to the left after the rock. There is a nice beach on river left, but avoid the temptation to get out. It is posted with "No Trespassing" signs and the owner is not very friendly.

  • Surfer's Rapid: A river wide ledge that forms a nice easy play wave. This a great spot to develop your surfing skills.

  • ​Little Corky: This is just below Surfer's Rapid. The standard line is to run the right side of the island. The left side of the island is runnable, but requires a little more technical maneuvering.  Both sides are pretty much read and run.

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